Floor two of our Panyu production facility is dedicated to the production of our Shiqiao brand plastic pipes. Our product line includes PEX pipes, HDPE pressure pipes, and PE(x)/AL/PE(x) composite pressure pipes. For projects requiring decreased oxygen diffusion or increased UV resistance, Shiqiao brand PEXa and PEXb pipes can also be manufactured with an HDPE or EVOH protective coating.

General purpose pipe,white

Gas pipe,yellow
  Shiqiao brand plastic pipes are BS6920/BS7291 compliant and are manufactured under an ISO9001:2000 certified quality control system. This quality backing allows for a wide range of applications including residential/commercial cold/hot water distribution systems, indoor/outdoor under floor heating/snow melt systems, indoor/outdoor gas piping, and transport for a wide range of chemicals.
  To ensure your Shiqiao brand plastic pipes perform their best through the most complex of installations, we also provide a wide variety of high quality brass fittings. Current fitting sizes range from 10mm to 51mm. In addition to being sold under the Shiqiao brand name, Shiqiao brand plastic pipes are also available for OEM and have done well under other brand names in markets domestic and abroad. Please contact us for more information regarding product application and properties.

Hot water pipe,red

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